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India offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to students. Be it history, astronomy, science, nature, adventure, art, culture, architecture, industry, agriculture, .... India has it all. With an extra-broad-spectrum of experiences ranging from the ancient to the ultra-modern, India is a perfect destination for the serious and casual learner.

Apart from a choice of subjects, India also offers a plethora of natural settings ranging from the majestic snow capped Himalayan peaks, to thickly forested foothills, highly fertile Indo-Gangetic plains, the exciting and rugged Western Ghats, a coastline of nearly 8000 kilometers, deserts, rain forests, rivers, oceans, wetlands, drylands, farmlands and a huge, rich variety of wildlife.

Besides, India is also a country filled with excellent man made structures such a palaces, forts, mausoleums, towers, places of worship, bridges, modern structures, institutions, industries, etc.

Add to this the great cultural and spiritual tradition that has woven a strong social fabric and an uninterrupted way of life for thousands of years.

Every one of these, packed with high educational value and experience. The TEACH Company has created great products that give students an opportunity to uncover and unlock the priceless value that India has.

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