History Tours

Ripples through the sands of time

Kamp’s Holidays recreates the glorious past. The past has always had a valuable story to tell. Be it stories of wealth, power, dominance, culture, religion, bravery & even futility. We are what we are today, because of our past. Our history has a major impact on us & will continue to do so.

There are many deep hidden secrets that intrigue us, secrets that could make us rich, successful, surprise or astonish us & even humble us to our very existence. Our itineraries, are based on India’s history; Mughals, battles that occurred in India, Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap to the World History; French Revolution, WWI and WWII.

Popular Itineraries

WWI & WWII Battle filed

Amsterdam , Paris

Washington History Tour

White house , Washington monument

England Battle filed

Memorial of Oxford Martyrs , Grounds of Blenheim palace


Alexandria tour , Temple of Kom Ombo


US mint workshop , Freedom Bell

South Africa

Malay quarter tour , Castleof good hope

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