Educational Tours

Exploring new horizons

The cradles of civilisation - Egypt, Greece, Rome, the grand architecture and town planning of Europe, the mega structures of China. The unique natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand, the marvelous engineering industries of Germany and France, universities and scientific establishments of USA, the rainforests of South America, the space centers of France and Russia, the northern lights of Scandinavia, the natural beauty of Eastern Europe, the Buddhist culture of South-East Asia, the rugged opulence of the Arab world,....

One lifetime is not enough and at The TEACH Company, this is something that we realise everyday.

However, we have selected beautiful gems from around the world and have created several exciting, educational itineraries for school and college students.

Our international study tours range from short, 4-day affairs to long, elaborate two to three-week long experiences. Every itinerary is power packed with interactive learning, activities, entertainment and local experiences to give the students tours that they’ll remember for an entire lifetime.

Students participating in our global programs get the unique opportunity to experience new cultural, linguistic, religious and local traditions, grow in confidence and imbibe positive values.

Educational Tours

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