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KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD deals with tour and travel packages. For the best co-ordination we avail assistance from various transport and hotel agencies. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD will take care of guests and ensure maximum comfort during stay. The guests are kindly expected to follow strictly the terms and conditions laid down by the company.


It is published for the guidance of guests. It is general in nature. The detail and exact information would be available with the company as it updates from time to time. However every effort is made to append the latest information at the time of publication.


Suitable and comfortable accommodation will be provided as per the arrangement made by the company. Sometimes there would be a possibility of minor deviation from the itinerary due to reasons beyond the control of management. The check-in time for hotels in India is around 12 noon and check-out time is around 10 am, while in world tours check-in time is around is 3 pm and check-out is at 12 noon. The guests should take care of their belongings, cash and valuables etc during their stay. In any eventualities the damages caused to the hotel property by the guests, if any, will have to be settled by themselves. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD will not be responsible for any disputes amongst hotels and guests.


Suitable arrangement of coaches is made for comfortable and enjoyable conduct of tours at various locations. The seats in the coach will be allotted on first come first serve basis. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and eating on board etc are at discretion of the coach agency or local government rulings. Any damages caused to the coach by the guests should be settled by themselves. On international tours, no eatables are allowed in the coach.


Individual or Group should register well in advance by paying initial instalment of amount prescribed by KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD for the particular tour. The individual or group tour members or representative of the group should sign necessary documents during time of registration. The required documents for the tour should be submitted by the guests at the time of registration. Passport, VISA, foreign exchange should be arranged by guests, however complete assistance will be rendered by the company wherever applicable.


KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD has a very transparent payment mode which is hassle free. The payment schedule is as follows:

  • For International Tours
  • Registration fees for a tour - (Rs. 50,000/- Non - Refundable)
  • After issuance of VISA - 100% of tour cost Non - Refundable

KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD has a very transparent payment mode which is hassle free. The payment schedule is as follows:

  • For International Tours
  • Registration fees for a tour - (Rs. 50,000/- Non - Refundable)
  • After issuance of VISA - 100% of tour cost Non - Refundable

1.5% interest on invoice amount (within 01 week of completion of One day picnic, Camp, Tour)

  • CGST RS. 100/- per day
  • SGST RS. 100/- per day

A very comfortable and memorable holiday for the guests is our top priority. For smooth functioning of the itinerary sometimes we may have to operate more than one coach on the departure date of tour. It may please be noted that depending on local conditions we might have to readjust the planned programs and slightly alter the couch/ train/ Night routs. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD shall inform of such changes to the guests before the commencement of the journey. In an event where the guest misses out any part of the tour or sightseeing KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD will not refund any part of the unused itinerary.

KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD reserves the right to amend/ alter the prices published in the above mentioned media based on the ground realties such as agent’s rate uctuations, Puctuations in Acurrency, differences in fuel prices etc prior the date of departure. Any such increase in the prices should be paid for in full before the commencement of tour.


If the guest wishes to alter the tour itinerary, KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD reserves the right to charge additional fees to compensate expenses involved for the altered itinerary


For international tours the guest should possess a valid passport. VISA will be endorsed by the Consulate or Embassy of the visiting country. Issuance of VISA is at sole discretion of the issuing authority. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD would help in the processing of the formalities. It is advisable that the guest book their tour well in advance as school’s letter of participation for tour is submitted for VISA as a group application, hence it is advisable to submit the necessary documents well in advance. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD is in no condition responsible for rejection of VISA for individual or groups.


The guests should carry suffcient foreign exchange to meet their personal needs on tour. Any assistance for obtaining foreign exchange would be provided by KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD, if required.


For the convenience of the guests KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD books air/ rail/ road transport tickets and hotel rooms well in advance. Should the guests wish to cancel any of the bookings at short notice KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD will have to pay cancelling charges to the agencies on the confirmed bookings under such circumstances the guest is liable to pay cancelation charges as per the following details.

  • 120 to 90 days before departure
  • Rs. 50,000/- (Registration Fees)
  • After issuance of VISA - No refund. In case cancellation of any tour by KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD, applicable refunds will be made to the guest only by A/C payee cheque within 45 days. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD will not refund any unused part by the tour itinerary by the guest. Refund policies may differ for group and individual packages.

KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD does not share any liability for damage of personal property, theft, individual injury, disease, mishap, loss of life, temporary or permanent disabilities, stoppage, distress, increased expenses, substantial loss or damage or robbery, temporary or permanent loss or damage to luggage or personal effects however caused during the tour itinerary. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD reserves the right to demand any additional amount of expenses due to delay in train, bus or air. KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD will not entertain any claims for cancellation of particular sightseeing/ itinerary due to adverse weather conditions, strike, war quarantine or act of god or any other causes by the guests.


In certain cases KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD might have to amend, alter or cancel some or all dates & services of a particular itinerary after the booking due to unavoidable circumstances. In such cases the guest is obliged to continue with the revised itinerary and they will not be entitled for any cancellation charges or refunds.


During initial booking, guests will pay the initial instalment of amount and sign the appropriate documents as a token of acceptance of the terms and conditions of KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD. In case of group tour either all members or group nominated representative will sign such documents.

The initial payment will be made as a confirmation of participation. However this will not be refundable in case guests cancel the tour as this amount is catered for payments towards various advances or other non-refundable obligatory payments and fees. The inclusion of the guest in the tour itinerary will be confirmed only after full payment by due date.


The insurance of guests is highly recommended to cater for unforeseen medical, hospitalization charges or any other claims in respect of foreign travel in general, Europe and Australia in particular. The issue of insurance policy is at the sole discretion of the Issuance


The information of the guests collected during the booking will be kept confidential. However the company reserves the right to use photographs of individuals or events captured during tours, as promotional material in the future advertisement media.


KAMPS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD is constantly striving hard to deliver the best possible services that are timely, comfortable, enjoyable & most importantly value for money. We believe that each & every tour is a learning curve for us & we strive hard to put this practice to learning. The entire exercise is a well choreographed teamwork.

To make sure we practice & maintain the high standards set by us, we would be highly obliged if you could spare some valuable time & let us know what you think of us through feedbacks.

Please feel free to send us comments, feedbacks, other queries on sanjay@kampsholiday.com & we would be more than glad to reply in kind.